Batteries and Chargers

The Smarter Living Store offers you a wide selection of batteries, including heavy 
duty, alkaline and rechargeable batteries for a variety of uses. The power of a 
battery is determined by how many cells there are inside a battery and how much
charge they
can hold. The information listed below is only a suggested guide -
battery lifetime 
varies due to battery age and usage.
Heavy Duty batteries are made of carbon zinc or zinc chloride.
Alkaline batteries provide a stronger charge and last longer than heavy duty 
batteries. They are also safe for the environment when disposed.
Rechargeable (Ni-MH) nickel metal hydride batteries can be recharged many 
for more frequent usage. 
Charging times may vary, but most require at least 14 hours of charging time. 
are many different Ni-MH batteries on the market with lower milliamperage,
however Smarter Living strives to provide only the best
quality of batteries available.