Thermacare Instant Heat Wraps
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Thermacare® 8 Hour Heat Wrap for Back and Hip w/velcro straps, L-XL (8.5" W X 5.50" H treatment area) 2/pkg


  • Self-adhesive / velcro therapeutic heat pads
  • Air-activated; just open the pouch and the pad begins to warm
  • Ultra-thin, comfortable, discreet
  • Can significantly reduce discomfort and aches
  • Temporarily increases local blood circulation
  • All the benefits of heat therapy with none of the inconvenience— no electric plugs and no odors from ointments
  • Hours of consistent, therapeutic heat that relaxes tight muscles and relieves muscle pain

Thermacare® 8 Hour Heat Wrap for Back and Hip, L-XL

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6 or more: $8.00 each
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