CarbonFlex 4" Round, Pin, Insulated, Non-Gelled, Carbon Rubber
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CarbonFlex 4" Round, Pin, Insulated, Non-Gelled, Carbon Rubber, Reusable Electrode, Black 1/pkg

CarbonFlex electrodes are non-gelled and much thicker than the Carbo-Stim electrodes, and have a conductive surface surrounded by an insulated non-conductive exterior. These heavy duty electrodes offer low impedance, are better suited for repeated usage and clinical settings, and last much longer than the traditional carbon electrodes. They are not as flexible, but more durable. CarbonFlex electrodes are insulated for safe handling, and require use of a conductive medium such as water, gel, or conductive spray. Wet sponge pads can also be used as a medium. CarbonFlex electrodes can be sterilized in autoclave or boiled in hot water for germ-free cleaning. Available in a variety of sizes and shape. 

Works with all makes/models of electrotherapy stimulators.

CarbonFlex 4" Round, Pin, Insulated, Non-Gelled

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