StimPad Pro 2" x 2" Sq., White Cloth, Reusable
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StimPad Pro E-Series  2" x 2" Sq., Pigtail, White Cloth, Reusable Electrodes 4/pkg


Medi-Stim StimPad Pro-E Series Reusable Electrodes

Our StimPad Pro E-Series electrodes use the same construction as our StimPad Pro electrodes, but have a little thinner gel making them more flexible. They are packaged in an attractive yet durable tamper-proof aluminum foil pouch which offers a longer shelf life than standard poly bags.  Available only in white pressed-fiber cloth and in three popular sizes with pin wire connector. Made in Korea. Approximately 10-15 applications.

StimPad Pro E-Series 2" x 2" Sq., Pigtail, White Cloth

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