Sof-Stim 2" x 3.5" Rect., Snap, Blue Gel, Tan Tricot
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Sof-Stim 2" x 3.5" Rect., Snap, Blue Gel, Tan Tricot, Reusable Electrodes 4/pkg


Medi-Stim Sof-Stim Hypo-Allergenic Reusable Electrodes

Medi-Stim’s Sof-Stim electrodes are ideal for patients with sensitive skin or elderly patients with thin, delicate skin.

Sof-Stim electrodes are made with a tan tricot knit material, highly conductive silver-coated carbon film, and feature a unique soft, blue-colored patented Polyhesive® gel that allows more oxygen to permeate through the gel to the skin. It is softer than most conventional gels, making electrode removal easier and gentler on the skin. Sof-Stim electrodes also work well in hairy areas. as the thick soft gel can penetrate through the hair and adhere better to the skin. Made in USA. Approximately 15-20 applications.


Works with all makes/models of electrotherapy stimulators.

  • Made in USA:

Sof-Stim 2" x 3.5" Rect., Snap, Blue Gel, for Sensitive Skin

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