Silver-Thera™ Conductive Stocking

Silver-Thera™ Conductive Stocking (Stimulator Sold Separately)

Silver-Thera Garments are two electrodes sewn together into one piece for easier application. They combine a sleeve garment electrode with a glove or sock electrode and stitch a non-conductive material in between to separate the two electrodes. A prosthetic sock electrode is also available for amputee patients suffering from phantom limb pain or to speed recovery from surgery.

They are made of woven silver nylon with Dacron fibers which conduct the current throughout the garment and provide stimulation over a larger area. Dacron, a hollow fiber, maintains warmth and moisture, which is helpful when trying to increase circulation.

These garments were designed for use with high-volt pulsed galvanic stimulators, but can be used with TENS or muscle stims. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic foot neuropathy, arthritis, poor circulation, tennis elbow, and tendonitis may find greater relief from using these garments. FDA-approved and Medicare reimbursable. Hand-washable.

*Conductive garments are sold individually, not in pairs. **Device shown not Included.


Garments must be used with a stimulator to be conductive. (Stimulators sold separately)

Silver-Thera™ Conductive Stocking

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