Rebound Over the Counter TENS Stimulator
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1 Channel, Digital TENS, 1 Preset Program w/Lock Feature

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Effective & Safe to Use for Pain Relief from:

  • Hip, Low Back and Mid-Back Pain
  • Elbow & Wrist Pain
  • Shoulder & Arm Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Joint & Muscle Pains
  • Chronic or Acute Pain


  • Digital Display: LCD Screen: The LCD screen is a clear display that shows the operating status of the REBOUND®.
  • Low Battery Indicator: Symbol turns on when the battery voltage is low so there is no guess work involved in changing the batteries. Batteries last up to 150 Hours of continued use.
  • Lock Feature: The use of this button is an optional safety feature. Using the Lock feature will lock your power setting in place so you will not accidently turn up the power of the REBOUND® during use.
  • 14 Power Levels: The seven-bar graphic on the LCD screen indicates the Output Power of the electrical stimulation in 14 steps. Each bar represents two power steps. The first step makes the bar blink and the second step turns on the bar without blinking.
  • System Includes: 
    1 Rebound Unit
    2 Electrode Pads
    1 Lead Wire
    2 AA Batteries
    1 Lanyard (strap)
    1 Instruction Manual


Price: $65.00
2 or more: $60.00 each
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