The Hurrycane Freedom Cane - Red
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#1 Selling Quad Cane in America

People come in all different heights. That's why we engineered the HurryCane® to expand and contract in seconds. With just the push of a button, it instantly adjusts to any of 8 convenient heights, ranging from 30½” to 37½”.

When you need to store it in a purse, glove box or under a chair, the HurryCane® folds up in seconds to one-third its normal size. And when you need, it flips out instantly. While our cane has three joints, it's still strong and sturdy enough to be pressure-tested to support 350 pounds.

New Hurrycane Freedom Edition is:

  • 20% Lighter
  • 40% Stronger
  • Comfort-Fit Handle
  • Even Greater Stability
  • Adjusts Shorter & Taller
  • WhisperFlex­™ Design
  • Folds More Compactly

The Hurrycane Freedom Red Cane

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