HotShotz 5" X 9" Instant Heat Pack
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HotShotz 5" X 9" Instant Heat Pack

The HotShotz heat pack is an instant, portable and re-useable heat pack unlike any other heat pack you have ever seen! With the push of a button the HotShotz heat pack will instantly crystallize and heat up to 130 degrees right before your eyes. Now you can have instant soothing heat anytime anywhere without the inconvenience of a cord or microwave.

When your HotShotz heat pack is no longer producing heat just place it in a pot of boiling water and it will rejuvenate back to its liquid form. Your HotShotz heat pack is now ready to use again whenever and wherever you want.

This 5” x 9” is our all-around most versatile heat pack. It is large enough to use on your lower back, neck, arms and legs. It is also convenient enough to carry with you anywhere to keep warm on a cold day.

The 5×9 lasts about and 1½ hours depending on how well you insulate it.

HotShotz 5" X 9" Instant Heat Pack

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